emboldened & underscored


     anchor weight

     soundless shriek

               empty echo slow burn


       // shake:shiver  //

      //  quake:quiver //


stag beetle circulatory circumnavigation


chew   fray   sever   yank   disconnect   destroy

   ing    ing     ing    ing          ing       ing


red wire green wire impartial

ac/dc spark spasm ~n~ seize

consummate copper capitulum carnage


u gotta

  u gotta

    u gotta split


ebullient lightning strikers, sixty thousand w@tt bloodflow

shiver & be so so so afraid & question the grounds for this mayhem

   throat close

   vision fade

structural rolling blackout





              ice chips


                 freeze tag


                    ...cut me mick


abrupt supersonic in snyder slo-mo

shockwave shackleshatter

human fuselage fusillade

violent boost to crescendo


airtight pinnacle pause


effervescent malingering

ringed by a thin cherry blossom billow

grabbing hold without touching

in inertiatic meander


drifting --- floating --- detaching


   arthropod orchestra yields 0ne by 0ne

   unclenching in death & falling to earth

   a relieving firebrand downpour

   assume chris† air position like rune

   arms spread out


                  t     h     i     s          b     i     g


   e-z euphoric tilt & recline

   inhalate nose & lungs to max capacity

   sense all pressure [touch & thought] evaporate


   drifting --- floating --- detaching


      now fully swathed in calm carnation cumulus

      run-down rubble ⇒ a monolith restored

      proud & substantial

      yet enjoying a newfound weightlessness

      an unanchored wafting vessel

      of peace


      earth gets smaller

      blackness gets blacker


      drift --- float --- detach


         go on

         go on