i want you to feel something



// happiness

 // sadness

  // anger

   // confusion

    // enlightenment

     // frustration




i want you to look at me visually

  look at our letters

  their curves and swoops

  bold  italic  s t a g g e r e d

  look at each individual piece

               within the piece

               within the piece

  look at the spaces

  look at what isn't there as well as what is

  look at the whole and condemn the sum

i want you to read my words and absorb them

  choose your own adventure

  a piece may speak to you

  a phrase may speak to you

  a word may speak to you

      maybe they speak nicely

      maybe you spit and say fuck off

  investigate things you don't know

  or ignore them and move along

  be reminded of a memory

  be annoyed at what it isn't

  be lost but maybe get it

  be convinced there's nothing to get


// be inspired

 // be unsettled

  // be something