sometimes words build up in my skull

the release is not pretty

just a fair warning

you should probably stop reading now


but you didn't


before you start reading, close your eyes

before you stop thinking, don't forget to forget to think

or at least don't remember to remember to think

or did you forget?


cryptic aerosol cessation

engulfing neo-tokyo

parachuting through empty pockets

prehistoric interpretations of unalloyed balderdash

expulsion of ratiocination, peculiar euphoria

           behold! a prodigal prodigy

scrutinizing archdiocesan badlands

as caesar commands anthropomorphic fox swat teams (et tu, brutality)

ceaseless rampant perplexity through wiretaps (steal) and tire wraps (steel)

and we remember to remember time spent living in an empty shell

pre-birth, but post-death

shelling out rhetorical answers to whoever will listen

antiquated birds with pneumatic bone cavities

volcanic apparitions with ephedrine addictions

an orchestra of endorphins

vehicular vehemence/sentience

carbonation + delineation of iceland = science

                                   byebye atmosphere

C://archaic.thesaurii.acatalepsy ---




the rise and fall of the anemic amnesiac insomniac






? or !