lonesome solo flight

wind whipped chapped lips

slow & rhythmic

a familiar dragging scratch

  half cab

  gum sole

  pavement parry

cross/section of an extinction level event

heartsick hollow homeland hangover

phantasmagoric culture shock

near-death industry pieces

lap up brief reprieve

sickle cellulose pulp

a curtsy, a waltz

but no one is watching


    << o child of gutenberg

       accustomed to insignificance

       this is your new norm

       and we are responsible >>


brave shadows come and go

dodging and burning into the sidewalk

in shy defiance of overcast overhead

still overnight shellshocked

still double-taking and recounting recounting

still culling the sacrificial plan b lamb

stone agape en route to routine

fear shrouded in lethargy’s forged armor

an ultimately vacant valiant crack

rattled hatches cautiously unbatten

on this grave quest for normalcy






sullen & thin

we struggle to breathe together

swollen at 6ixes & se7ens

misery loves communal infections

justifiable druthers

on familiar wednesday paths

an unfamiliar bragging batch

  no cabs

  no souls

  spook slum


    << o child of romero

       unaccustomed to consequence

       this is your new norm

       and we are responsible >>