at it again

are we

are we

can we

are we not

can we not


mentally meiotic

splitting and spitting and shifting and

blue blood gracing blue line

pixelated resplendency

crushed velvet, routine modus operandi

vying for level playing field

shattered retinal shields

flooded floors

reticent pleading


           "o paramour

            ameliorate these midnite heartattaqs"


chainsaw gliding effortlessly across mixed media

tiptoeing : trampling :: moi : toi

crimson magma races out ears and lips

crosses cheeks and throats and and and

friction burns before drying

lockheed black, effortless

transparently subtle

headshots provided by john wilkes photobooth


an ant on an apple core


wading through broken fishbowl

side by side, but apart

a memory of a half-eaten tree frog carcass

a food source drunk on power

and the feeling of seeing something so innocent

                             get so ravaged


so brave liquid elements

lift fractured palm

pledge allegiance

refuse to channel the familiar death and midas amalgamation

and through splintered glass, mangled cornea