i came to you of splintered glass

of blackened blues, of buoys floating


you came to me on puppet strings

of blacks and blues, of wishful maps


the sea it raged, all filth and plastic

forever smearing toxic shores

and you and i, we raged within it

all froth and green forevermore


over time, the weather seethed

and seized and seethed and seized again

the sand would heat from lightning strikes

and glass would seal its cracks with quartz


upon the boardwalk, looking down

that puppeteer was froze aghast

for he controlled his puppet, yes

but also forced the poor forecasts


and when he turned back to his crowd

the throng had dwindled down to none

just him - alone - with severed strings

a crumbling stage, a setting sun


i came to you with firecrackers

keloid scars and splintered glass


we left as one with guns ablaze

with scissors, quartz, and strings detached