raw hands, clenched fists

washed and wrought and scrubbed

a resident evil just under the skin

microchip or arachnid or carcinoma

a blue ~n~ black schroedinger’s cat

visible, but out of reach

tearing and clawing

    it won’t go away

tearing and howling

    they won’t go away

trepanning straddled across a thin optional line

dr. fear and mr. bedroom eyes

the worry of things never worried about

clashing and crashing and colliding upstairs

         whenever they want

 they do whatever they want

static and drums and a pummeling pulse

wasps and drills and phantoms within

the sweet solace of sleep

impaled on the back of a milk carton


everything is cursory

each recovery a hoax

each beam counterfeit

recompense mercurial

apocalyptic dystopia in thin bone shell

some teeth bared, others hidden

all in a matter of seconds

nothing lasting, fewer staying

that part is never mentioned


      it is never mentioned

the tinman’s ensuing quadruple bypass surgery

      it is never mentioned

chitty chitty bang bang was t-boned by a drunk driver

      it is never mentioned

the glass elevator never stopped climbing


continually pressured to stay gold

but more jeremy than ponyboy

wearing holes in the floor

hearing wolves at the door

slowly losing it all

                    sound and mind and body



stop waiting for the metaphoric post-credit scene

revealing how we all shall be healed

there isn't one

this oak tree is rotting inside

and if that heavies hearts

that’s only the tip of the iceberg


meet the kola superdeep borehole

forever digging and scraping and getting nowhere

all attempts are welcome

but spoiler alert

it ends on a cliffhanger