filthy fucking sunshine blinding

endless ocean potion scalding

trash and lust corruption roaring

pastel eyesore sore and loathing


terabytes of plastic vaunting

synthetic skins for pistol whipping

canine monarch guns drawn taunting

vomit induced scalpel whoring


forty fruitless morning callings

flaunting certain failure haunting

diabolic cellphone swelling

bruised knees linked to painful screeching


heat and sweat and tempers scalding

seeping heaps of nostril flaring

hordes of horse but paces crawling

to stretched taut plots of lonely living


wheat grass beatdown wholesome puking

designer languor habit forming

adjacent junkie eyeball bleeding

an ersatz jungle of faggot feeding


a starving blemish rife with spoiling

an arid wasteland wildly waning

a foretold liquid finger coaxing

this bullshit zion's rightful drowning