prepare yourself

pre-pare yourself [antecedent self-harm]

sharpen cognizance [mend tony's hawkwings]

batten the hatches for another valenzetti equation

grammatical sabbatical @ dawn, brazen

recondite rhetoric run rampant


wind-blown woolly mammoth hills


unending ultramarine airscapes

   ¿residing in agitation?

    ¡change your address!

far from that brass knuckle all-star team

far from that lumber punctured hornet's nest

far from that krylon  

far from that easter island rabbit swarm

though death to the rabbit means life to the carrot

          which says nothing

        yet hints everything

      while rifling through pants pockets

    for tenor in communiqué

why o why do you carry paper lanterns upon your back

         but cry of the enormous weight?

a ceaseless psychosomatic rotator cuff glitch

an automated jawbone oblivious oblivion white whines

extra teeth set aside - without momentum death looms

a stable loiter lodged hodgepodge in a corroded blue artery

     -/- the hydrogenation of an oxygen nation -/-

until, without warning, a mid-winter festival paralysis into an iciclic eternity

gaussian blurring mathematical equations [self-referentiality]

forever setting up shop in vacant personal space

   the eternal scapeghost

   trapped within

   a glacial detention center


unannounced ascension

ultra-unspectacular with a bioluminescent igneous exoskeleton

terrorizing the japanese countryside

worshipping false billy idols at critical mass

half human, half jellyfish pining for bones just to experience a clean break

as aromatic napalm air fresheners waft in and out of nostrils

concomitantly gentle and vigorous

       supplying one final invigoration

epitomizing the carnal knowledge of undiscovered cretaceous marsupials

a comprehension of what must be done

vitals dropping, a timorous peek down to the azure glaze

sanguine eyelids slowly close


           and then




intrepidly ensuring the crazed mako to a life of twilight

tossing peacockeyed glances to the shadows

wondering what became of it all