i see trees

a thin rift within the thickest thicket

lifeless, leafless

trunk to twig


i see the moon

a yellowed sickle in a purple sea

painting shadows with negative space

the endless soft illuminator


i see a cloud

a single cumulus puff

a lavender blip on the immeasurable indigo radar

a shapeless loner


i see the earth

cracked and hardened sepia tones

a sole-packed padded mass

tortured terra firma


i see the weeds

a tangled, gnarled gnash

a constricting, waxy ocean of greens

thick, assorted, alive


i see a wolf

an arched, mottled, molting back

a languishing lupine silhouette

an onyx lunar cutout


i am flesh

a crumpled heap

an unfamiliar shape

soft and hard

red and white

skin and bones

torn and snapped


i saw

i was