i swear to christ my skull is on fire

i see thin smoke rise and float

                       and wisps twist

sucked into vents to the beat of desolate drums

whilst a pale razor face frames angst

bloodied diamond eyes finance hate

   for your wars

   no my wars

civil neurological wars

a forever rage, simmering mental magma

a crusade betwixt left and right, forever raging

thudding concrete brain slabs, awash in jackson blood spatter

   no end in sight

   no end in sight

ten-four, over and out


"jesus boy you look like you've seen a ghost"

        fuck i have i did i do i will i am

napes and lobes and brows they smolder

charcoal clouds continue careless climbing

as questions are dodged and formed with swift efficiency


accidental and shifty


i offer no assistance

   none for you

   none for me

speaking only in hieroglyph and cuneiform

painstakingly yearning for deus ex machina

blindly reaching for a reset button

while broke glossy eyes gaze upon tragic impotent remains

of a once a proud and tall effigy


this is not your fault

this is not your fault