the body is a temple

a neglected and buckling ziggurat

calcium column splinter shift

patellar edema - check it, paleface

pre-vomit hot flash

          who’s on sawdust patrol?

structurally unsound ground pound POW!

one for the flawed foundation festivities

checking in but not alone

- - - get in line, buddy

purple drank bonestown massacre


the body is the ultimate machine

a complex contraption in inordinate disrepair

rust belt bolt mound, rattle can ribcage

praying for more augmentation

praying for the ghastly glow of mechanical crab mandibles

praying for steel & glass & high tension wiring

praying for neon chromatophoric skin grafts

praying for ornithological ocular implants

praying for a life lacking wrist pins & shin splints

praying for the AI to render prayer ineffectual

do cyborgs pray to an electric god?

singularity, take me away


the body is a slave to its impulses

hypersexual circulatory wattage blast

chemi-urges oozing at a sweaty fever pitch

saline and semen and critical masssssssturbation

inexhaustive joy, pitter-patters coursing

heliocentric über-devotion explosions

marcy playground acid trip, cocaína cattle call

even the antichrist needs a body double

pulse-pounding white-knuckle homocide ridealong

blood-stained teeth and nails

visceral pangs of regret and repugnance

frantic searches for that elusive omnipotent aphorism

   to give us meaning

   to give us restraint

   to give us canonical somnolence

   to give us more than eat / sleep / fuck / kill


the body is the capital of revolution

combatting the revolution of capitalism

apocalypse wow!

somewhere between the trading floor and the killing fields

lies a negative net worth nonpareil

molotov cocktail tommy john surgery

state-of-the-art insurgency microfracture

never returning to one hundred percent again

wall street pup tent

virtual corporeality

stiff neck

             stiff competition

stiff drinks

             stiffed with the bill


the body is the prison of the soul

gray & black vertebrate cage

dancer in the dark matter

undulating dulcet tone recitation

harmonica solo tin cup clang clang

tinnitus banshee broadcast in a conch shell

san quentin, un chien andalou

eyeball sliver cabin fever

painstaking stain making

recurring night terrors

rapid atrophy, rotting in the dark

from here to eternity

osteogenesis imperfecta with no chance of parole


         the body is sacred

         the body is scared

         the body is scarred