so much time is spent

on proper preparations for explosive engineering

permit possession, equipment appropriation

crisis management, waste removal

plans [b] through [f]

but nobody ever foresees a rock withdrawal


grey haze particulate

the air is thick

whispers deep and tactile

like echolocating heartbeats in a bathtub

out of reach

out of touch



solaris & icarus ii & discovery one

we are mentally onboard you all

alone and unaware

checked out





how strange, this fog

how full, how heavy

how foolish, they were

how lost, we've become

all because we never took the time to fully appreciate the soft earth beneath our feet

to fully grasp how rich the soil was

to fully understand the breadth and intertwining of the surrounding roots


we will escape the mist, the dust (eventually)

we will be intact (mostly)

but rest assured

we will never again take for granted

our mountains

    our boulders

        ...our rocks