slim lines // slim cuts

the architectonics of coiffure

deadpan lustre buster

shirt tuck daydream

polluted heir g(r)asp

a certain je ne sais quoi

              ahem and ahoy


                sovereign speech

                 if you don't mind

                     [i mind]


blank chests \\ blank eyes

low-grade broken-arm veneer

checkered ivory crevasse

yellow blurs and backs

taking the piss

falling down the apples

endearing, somewhat

but not really

           no, not at all


empty photos // empty tenor

fabricated breakfast nook

porcelain placebo, spilt milk spoilt

stress cracks & wood grain

an apparition in a navy peacoat

golden calf food blogging

posed & arranged & unfaithful &







  the moon has sunk

  the tanks are dust

  the queen is dead

and i don't really give a shit


i’m sorry

        [i’m not]