on a cliff

   like a bird

      with the birds



   above the pieces

   of the beast

   that almost took me


i am perched

   above the perch

   bound by rolling verdigris

   above the slag of weather wearing

   above the blunt-force



   zeolite visages are scowling

   ascension awful oxidation

   derision vision beeline mortal

   craggy clutches, bloodied knees


per this perch

   a scents sensation

   all receptors by the bootstraps

   pisces husk not chief amongst them

   astride a chariot called gale


   the smell of hanging ten grim reapers

   liquidating human assets

   a grand perfume of chums as chum

   odors that quint could not describe


¡abandon perch!

   the stench is stinging

   yet there's more to sick than sniffing

   try vomiting in two-inch voices

   o what a woeful din it is


   the sound of teenaged cabin fevers

   pontoon pond scum undeterred

   an orchestra of god damn sloshing

   a reminder of the choking

   & for half a breath, the gasping

   & for anything, the grasping

   atlantis kaiju on the rocks

   acerbic thanks for a phobic dawn


   this water differs, not completely

   less undulation and less frothing

   but that is how it grifts and cons you

   hypnotizes and beguiles you

   restrains your limbs with seaweed sinkhole

   as it whispers in your ear


     “i am safety ~~

      i am soothing ~~

      i will gift you dreams eternal ~~

      never mind that sordid feeling ~~

      it’s just my body in your lungs


yet still i perch

   along the coastline

   despite infrequent teetering

   strangely secure in league with seabirds

   biting a thumb at skate & prawn


   seduced by undulate refraction

   fractured bluffs and marine death

   the mise en scene offset the stage fright

   painted postcard coup de grâce


   as sun dogs shatter anguishackles

   runes mature into christ air

   chroma crystallize as cuirass

   cosmos and -cosms, commandant


   so i’ll gaze in contradiction

   perched with all senses aligned

   endlessly loathing that i’m loving

   this perverted siren song