we know it was & is & always will be laborious

   lung vice python wrap

   paralytic piano crash

   gasping choking pollution punch

   leaden pulmonary gnash


we know it is a neverender, this matter

   lava vein fist pump

   sanguine percolation gauge

   clenching flailing vex tornado

   machete grinding pupal stage


we know it is the beginning of the end every single time

   master blaster blue parade

   holy diver ribosome

   melancholic solstice soldier

   fucked up human biodome


circadian & traumatic & habitual

this ritualistic sentiment supernova

this synthesis of tortoise and hare

this omnibus of human error and terror

     occasionally runs loose

and life as we know it gets a dishonorable discharge


but par for the course

like a viking funeral for a paper tiger

it's all over before it even starts